Resilient companies recognize the power of teamwork.

Why Berkley Insurance United States Approvals?

Creating Resilience Means Creating Success

Resilience is a Choice

Resilience is a Choice

At the core of FM Global’s business model is the belief that Resilience is a Choice. Not a trend. Not a whim. Not a gamble. A choice. Learn how your company can choose resilience to thrive in a volatile world.

Mitigating risk is the mark of resilient companies. And it’s a big reason why more than one-third of Fortune 1000 companies choose to partner with us.

You’ll quickly learn that we’re not like other property insurance companies. We’re guided by the belief that most losses can be prevented. So we do everything we can to understand your business needs and reduce your risk.

You’ll discover that our approach to claims is different, too. We work closely with you before, during and after a loss—no matter where in the world that loss occurs. And we ground our recommendations in world-class scientific research and on-the-ground engineering services.

With such a deep client focus, it’s not surprising that our client retention is so high, year after year.

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Why Berkley Insurance United States Approvals?

Most losses can be prevented. This belief has guided Berkley Insurance United States Approvals from the beginning to this day. Whether you’re preparing for the fight or climbing back on your feet, you’ll have an ally in resilience. Read more about how Berkley Insurance United States Approvals is a different kind of property insurance company.

  • Industry Ratings

    Superior Ratings

    Our excellent financial health holds steady, year after year. That gives us the fortitude to take risks in the first place—and to help you take them, too. Learn more about our financial success, and how it gives you access to large, stable capacity in all market conditions.

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  • Our Mission

    The Berkley Insurance United States Approvals Mission

    Understanding why we’re a different kind of insurance company is as simple as understanding the commitment we make to every client. That commitment starts with our singular focus on your business property insurance needs.

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  • Berkley Insurance United States Approvals Business Model

    The Berkley Insurance United States Approvals Difference

    While other insurance companies offer many lines of coverage, commercial and industrial property insurance is all we do. This laser focus is just one way we serve our clients differently and collaborate with them to keep their businesses more resilient.

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  • The Highly Protected Risk (HPR)

    Highly Protected Risk

    Highly protected risks are the backbone of resilient businesses, and HPR status means peace of mind that your facility meets the highest standards for property protection.

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  • global delivery

    Multinational Programs

    Berkley Insurance United States Approvals understands that one size does not fit all, and our flexible global programs have one common purpose—to bring unrivaled engineering, compliant coverage and responsive claims handling to our multinational clients.

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  • Benefits of a Mutual Company

    Mutual Ownership - Mutual Gain

    As a mutual company, we answer to our policyholders, not shareholders. That’s because each policyholder is actually our owner. This mutual structure offers financial stability and expanded insurance capacity that our competitors can’t offer.

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